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Landlord Insurance

Landlord buildings insurance

Landlord Contents insurance

Tenants Insurance

Tenants contents insurance

This policy is available for all residential tenants (including students) living in flats, bed-sits, shared accommodation for properties of all sizes throughout the UK.

The policy includes accidental damage cover against Landlords contents for which the tenant has been legally made responsible

Rent and Legal Insurance

Legal assistance
Covering the landlord costs for disputes between themselves and their tenant(s)

Rent guarantee
Rent arrears covered up to £2,500 per month

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Let property Insurance

Landlord building insurance

Landlord contents insurance

Tenants contents insurance

Landlord home emergency cover

Legal assistance insurance

Rent guarantee insurance

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Let property


Compare Landlord insurance from leading UK insurance Providers

Are you a private landlord or professional investor looking to compare Buytolet landlord house insurance or landlord contents insurance ?

Letcare Buytolet landlord policy is specifically designed to protect the landlord from risks associated with letting their property.

Besides Buytolet landlord insurance we also offer comprehensive tenants contents policy which covers tenants personal belongings. A Landlord that lets there property will need Buytolet landlord house insurance or Landlord contents insurance as a normal household policy will not cover them.

Letcare Buytolet Landlord Insurance and tenants insurance products are comprehensive policies offered at extremely competitive rates by negotiating with the leading Buytolet landlord and tenants insurance underwriters to ensure that as a landlord or tenant you receive a competitive rate and indepth policy.

Benefits of Landlord insurance

Whatever type of property you own, chances are you have a considerable amount of money tied up in that property.

This is an investment you need to protect for a whole variety of reasons.

What if there's a fire for instance? Even if you think, "it won't happen to me," investing in a buytolet landlord policy from letcare might save you from possibly the costliest expense of your life.

Of course, there are many more benefits to Buytolet landlord insurance.

Our Buytolet Landlord policy can provide cover for a comprehensive range of properties catering for all types of styles, sizes, ages, conditions and locations.

Buy to let landlord insurance

Letcare has many variations of buytolet policies to cover a wide range of landlord needs including free accidental damage.(Free accidental damage on buildings only. Applicable to professional and retired tenants).

You can learn more about letcare and the benefits of Landlord Insurance or get a quote online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Purchase a Buytolet Landlord policy online and spread the cost over a year by paying by direct debit.

Letcare can cover you for:

Landlord insurance features explained

Landlord Buildings Insurance

The structure itself is insured against most risks for the cost of repair or rebuild. Letcare Buytolet Landlord Insurance can cover you from £50,000 up to £2 million on your landlord insurance, giving you complete peace of mind financially in the event of a flood or fire.

Landlord Contents Insurance

It is essential that you insure the items you own such as carpets, sofas, chairs and even televisions in case they become damaged or stolen. Letcare Buytolet Landlord house Insurance can cover you from £1,000 (combined with buildings insurance) up to £50,000 for your possessions on a new for old basis.

Landlord Liability Insurance

One of the many benefits of Letcare Buytolet landlord insurance policies is that they're designed to give you complete peace of mind by making sure you are covered for most risks. Liability Insurance covers you up to £2 million as standard. As the Buytolet property market soars, personal injury claims have risen dramatically in the last 20 years and awards over £100,000 are not uncommon (information from the Association of Residential Letting’s Agents - ARLA). So the right landlord liability cover is a must.

Loss Of Rent Insurance

Letcare Landlord Insurance covers you for up to 12 months ensuring your bank balance stays in good shape should damage or building work make your property uninhabitable.

Free Accidental Damage Cover on buildings*

This cover is designed to protect you against damage by your tenants to your buildings.

Alternative Accommodation Insurance

To many people the benefits of Buytolet insurance may seem obvious. The contents insurance will cover your furniture while buildings insurance will cover any damage done to your property. But it's equally important not to overlook other areas such as alternative accommodation insurance in the event your property becomes uninhabitable.